Simplicity is at the core of our soap making.  Scent is the fuel for our motivation.   All natural always.  6 ingredients or less in each bar of soap is our standard.  Each scent comes directly from nature via essential oils.  


Raised in a family of all natural/organic consumers, especially with my father being a chiropractor.  I was used to finding high quality food products and soap to me didn't have the same characteristics. All natural soap currently on the market has the ingredients I like but lack scents that truly captivate me. Commercial/main stream soap certainly has scents I love but lack the purity and all natural ingredient list that is so important to me.  Knowing that my dad was making soap out of the same frustrations, I asked him about the cold process soap making method and immediately became fascinated.  He gave me a base soap recipe and I ran with it.  
Fast forward two years later and Merritt Soap is now setting the standard for what soap should be.  Real, unadulterated scent only from essential oils.  Pure silk fiber that conditions your skin without the need of any additives or chemicals. 

Our mission is to bring the purest soap to the market with real scent and minimal ingredients.




Austin TX